Have confidence that your IC-DISC optimization is prepared in accordance with IRS Regulations, and that your fees are effort based rather than “value billed.” All allowable savings are captured by our proprietary software.



A common misconception: a company's IC-DISC commission deduction is the greater of 4% of the revenue from of its aggregate qualified export sales (limited to 100% of related income) or 50% of the taxable income from such activity. Reality: Treasury Regulations permit and encourage the use of additional methods which can yield increased commission that is maximized by using a T x T approach. Even loss transactions may generate commission in some circumstances. These taxpayer friendly additional commission methods were put in place to incentivize exports and promote U.S. manufacturing and production. Quantitax proprietary software optimizes the intended and allowable benefits when a transactional calculation is performed, performing calculations that take into account each and every permutation. Our robust, proprietary software considers all allowable options for every transaction to generate the maximum allowable benefit. Due to the extensive mathematical options available, a fully optimized "T x T" calculation simply cannot be performed in Excel spreadsheets.


Our proprietary software not only maximizes allowable benefits per the Internal Revenue Code, but also creates the required documentation needed when such a calculation is performed. Each qualified transaction of a T x T calculation usually requires an IRS Form Schedule P to be submitted - regardless of the large number of transactions. If your T X T calculation does not include the required documentation it may be a significant audit exposure. Since our founding, Quantitax clients have sustained 100% of their filed IC-DISC claims - no IRS adjustments have been made to the thousands of calculations we have performed. Our clients have enjoyed millions of dollars of tax savings. In the event of an IRS audit, we will always provide extensive support and documentation as needed.


If your IC-DISC specialist is not able to walk you through a work product that transparently displays a path from company data to its IC-DISC commission - can you trust it? Our support ties all results back tot he operating company's tax return and source data, as well as documenting the qualification of goods/services. Quantitax optimized T x T computations display the calculation of eligible taxable income for each and every transaction, and its optimal result.


With over a hundred years of collective Big 4 national team experience in export tax incentives such as IC-DISC Quantitax is best positioned to complement the services of tax professionals at the country's leading CPA firms and companies.  Our professionals include former Big 4 Partner, Director, and Manager level consultants that have been focused on quantitative export incentive calculations for their entire careers. Every Quantitax engagement is staffed by professionals that led transactional calculations for Fortune 100 companies. Meet our team.


We are proud of our many long-term client and CPA firm relationships. Our fees are effort based, and not inflated based on savings generated. Other providers perform often unnecessary, detailed, quarterly calculations, which typically do not have any utility. We encourage you to speak with some of our many satisfied clients and CPA firms.

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