Maximizing Your IC-DISC

Our proprietary software and expertise will ensure your company or client’s IC-DISC calculation is optimized. All intended and allowable savings will be captured, and documentation is thorough and transparent.

Getting the most from the IC-DISC…

A major feature of the IC-DISC involves the ability to calculate benefits at a granular level. This can lead to savings that far exceed the amount resulting from an aggregate approach. The taxpayer-friendly option of a detailed, transaction by transaction (“T x T”) IC-DISC calculation coupled with uncovering additional eligible sales often creates savings that are multiples of basic calculations.

… means keeping the most from the IC-DISC.

Every dollar of IC-DISC benefits we have calculated has been sustained. Particularly for detailed, T x T IC-DISC calculations, our work product and software output reports have a clear and transparent trail. From client data through to the ultimate commission as required to be reported to the IRS. Each step of our calculations is presented in easy-to-follow procedures within our detailed support documentation. You will never be told that our support is “proprietary” or find an unorganized assortment of programming, databases etc. referred to as “documentation.” Our work product always stands on its own and is part of the Quantitax Difference.
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