See what companies and trusted advisors are saying about Quantitax IC-DISC Services. The firms we team with range from solo practitioners to some of the ten largest CPA firms in the U.S.


 Some of the many clients and CPA firms we have partnered with to provide recurring and sustained IC-DISC benefits:

“As the largest private global bioprocessing firm, we have complex tax needs. Our external CPA firm is one of the country's largest tax firms and has partnered with Quantitax since its founding.  Quantitax fees are very reasonable, and are effort based rather than based on a percentage of savings which has dramatically increased their value. We have worked with Quantitax for many years and have always received excellent service from their team.”

Christopher Meissner

President Meissner Filtration Camarillo, California

"Fluctuation in material prices and unforseen costs are constant concerns. Quantitax helps us achieve tax savings from this unintended variability in margins, using features of the IC-DISC incentive that provide additional tax savings in these circumstances."

Steve Switaj

CFO Three D Metals - Valley City, Ohio

"We have worked with Quantitax for many years. Our clients are promptly and well served by their team. They stand out from other providers with their career-long IC-DISC expertise, technology, and honest business practices. Our IC-DISC capabilities are enhanced working with Quantitax." 

Sue Tuson

CPA, Shareholder Clayton & McKervey Southfield, Michigan

"Complete confidence is what we think of when we introduce Quantitax to our clients.  We know that all IC-DISC savings will be properly maximized in cases where augmenting our in-house IC-DISC expertise makes sense. Quantitax differentiates from other national providers with thorough documentation that goes far beyond just the required compliance. Their work product is transparent, easy to follow, and audit ready."

Tod Wagner

CPA, Partner-in-Charge, Tax Services, Bober Markey Fedorovich, Cleveland, Ohio

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