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Quantitax is exclusively focused on the IC-DISC. Our Leadership Team is comprised of ex “Big 4” Partner, Senior Manager, and Manager consultants. Every engagement is led by CPAs that have specialized in the IC-DISC and other export incentives for their entire careers.

Key Team Members

David Reid

CPA, MST - Co-Founding Partner

David  Reid is a Quantitax partner with nearly three decades of experience  providing tax services. He is an international tax specialist with a  focus on IC-DISC optimization.  Prior to Quantitax, David held senior  leadership positions at PWC and WTP Advisors, where he had extensive  experience in export incentives and other international tax areas.  He  has presented and taught many of these areas of taxation at various  national and regional forums.  David is a licensed C.P.A. and a member  of the AICPA.  David has a Master's degree in Taxation from the  University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and an Accounting degree from  Bentley College. Contact him at: +1-206-257-2800

Amit Mathur

CPA - Co-Founding Partner

Amit  Mathur is a Quantitax partner specializing in assisting clients with  their IC-DISC activities.  Amit formerly served as an International Tax  Manager in the Cleveland office of PWC in their national quantitative  tax practice, and as a Director at WTP Advisors in their IC-DISC  practice.  He has instructed at AICPA, OSCPA, and CITE events on the  IC-DISC Export Incentive, and other quantitative tax solutions.  Amit  works closely with companies around the country, ensuring optimization  of the allowable benefits from the IC-DISC.  Amit is a licensed C.P.A.  with a degree from Case Western Reserve University and has worked on IC-DISCs and other export incentives for over twenty-five years. Contact him at: +1-216-373-1460

Jon Nagy

Senior Executive Advisor

Jon Nagy's career includes thirty-five years of providing quantitative tax solutions to multinational companies throughout  the United States. As a former International Tax Partner and leader of  PWC’s national "Quantitative Solutions" practice,  Jon led a team focused on providing tax solutions, including export incentives such as the DISC, FSC, and the ETI Exclusion to many of the nation's largest  exporters and manufacturers. Contact him at: +1-216-373-1460

Ivan Thomas


Ivan Thomas served as an International Tax Manager at PWC. As part of the PWC national export incentive team Ivan served as engagement lead for some of the country’s largest manufacturer’s export incentive optimization projects. He now focuses on IC-DISC optimization for privately held manufacturers, distributors, and recyclers. Ivan has nearly twenty-five years of experience working with IC-DISC and other export incentives. Ivan has an accounting degree from Youngstown State University. Contact him at: +1-216-373-1460

Jim Bartram

Office/Product Manager

Jim oversees office operations for Quantitax. He also assists our CPAs by supervising production of our best-in-class Transaction by Transaction ("T x T") optimization documentation. Jim is a proud U.S. Army veteran. Contact him at: +1-216-373-1460

Griffin Rowell


Griffin began his career in corporate finance with a Fortune 50 company where he became proficient in many of the data systems that drive modern businesses. For the better part of the last decade, Griffin has been part of Quantitax engagement teams with a focus on our proprietary software for IC-DISC tax savings optimization. He is a longtime member of Rotary international, heavily involved with their worthy causes and projects. Contact him at: +1-206.257.2800

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